onsdag 21. mai 2008

Något gott att äta, något gott att dricka

Kanske man nu skulle ha lite kvällsfika? För icke svenskar, här följer förklaring av ordet fika från "Wikipedia"

Fika is a Swedish verb that roughly means "to take a coffee break".

Fika is a social institution in Sweden: it means taking a break from work or other activities and having a coffee with one's colleagues, friends, date, or family. The word has quite ambiguous connotations, and can at its its extremes denote a date or a small meal with your boss. This practice of taking a break for a coffee and a light snack (some biscuits, cookies, or a sandwich) between more substantial meals like lunch and dinner is central to Swedish life, Swedes being among the heaviest consumers of coffee in the world.[1]

Since the word implies drinking coffee, just having a sandwich would not really be fika, although these days tea or a soft drink instead of coffee is becoming more frequent. In recent years, too, fika has also come to mean simply going to a café and having a coffee with someone, though this technically deviates from the strict "taking a break" meaning.[citation needed] The word is an example of the backslang used in the 19th century – where the syllables of a word are reversed – deriving from kaffi, an earlier variant of the Swedish word kaffe ("coffee").[citation needed] The word is also used as a noun, meaning the actual event of having a fika, i.e., "a lovely fika." From fika also comes the word fik (a colloquial term for "café") through a process of back-formation. In northern Sweden and some of the more rural areas, fika is synonymous to coffee without any treats: Ta en kopp fika ("Have a cup of coffee").[

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